DocuNECT v4.6 Released – Making Document Management Easy!

  • Document Management – An easy to use central, secure document repository. Perform different actions on documents, such as check out/in, view history, view indexes, view workflows, etc.
  • Role Based Dashboards & Summary Reporting – Business information at your fingertips!
  • Retention Schedules – Apply records retention policy requirements and retention schedules
  • Powerful Search – DocuNECT’s search works either within the cabinet, or across cabinets, against the document indexes and the document content
  • Workflow Automation – Automate existing document based processes inside DocuNECT to increase efficiency and tractability
  • My Documents Feature – Easily access documents you frequently use
  • Integration to Dropbox – Add your Dropbox account to DocuNECT to take your documents with you wherever you go!

Desktop Scanning or Network Scanning – To complement the existing Virtual Print Driver and Desktop Capture you can now easily integrate with software that comes with your desktop or networked scanner