With increasing regulations and internal policies, information governance is a critical component of any document lifecycle platform. As DocuNECT manages the complete lifecycle of your documents it captures the necessary data to answer the question of Where did it come from? Who Changed it? When and Why?

DocuNECT’s Retention module provides compliant platform for your information governance initiatives.

Recording the History

  • Document history is recorded throughout the entire life of the document
  • User and roles changes are also captured in the history

Managing Retention

  • Assign document ownership by role or business
  • Establish a retention policy against different document types
  • Approval workflows can be utilize to gather approval for document disposition
  • Reports produced to facilitate audits
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“We have a number of documents as part of out investment services products that fall within regulations and the retention of these documents need to be carefully managed. The DocuNECT retention solution is an easy to use and allows us to monitor the process and make sure we stay within the regulations.”

Vice President of Fund Service Management – Investment Company