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DocuNECT Virtual Print Driver

DocuNECT – The Complete Virtual Printing Solution

Using the DocuNECT virtual print driver can extend document capture to applications that do not easily expose documents or integrate with document management systems. As long as the application is print enabled, the virtual print will work. Document management systems are structured environments that often store business data (index values) along with the document so it can be classified correctly.

What is a Virtual Printer?

The virtual printer is software that appears as a new printer on your machine. Ho

DocuNECT Tech Refresh

This article provides a link to the DocuNECT Tech Refresh webinar held on 10/25/2017.

This webinar contains the latest information about the DocuNECT v5 product suite and has the following agenda:

What is DocuNECT?
Advanced Extraction Capabilities and Machine Learning.
Joining Capture and Workflow Together.
Integration with ApplicationXtender.

DocuNECT System Diagnostics Connector Now Released

The System Diagnostics connector is now released for DocuNECT v4.8. This connector analyzes the current environment and identifies any issues that may effect the performance and functionality.

  • Details the station information.
  • Details connector information and identifies inactive connectors (set to Inactive or do not have any connector runs).
  • If the connectors are active, analyzes the connector logs for any errors.
  • Details the number of roles and users. Lists users who have not logged in for over 30 days.
  • Details the storage location and warns of the storage capacity is below 25%.
  • Analyzes the application logs and lists any errors found.
The information can be emailed to a group of users internally and directly to our support. This allows our support team to analyze the reports and identify potential issues before they start to impact the environment. 

This connector is free of charge so if you want to install it, then contact our support at