DocuNECT can be configured around any document lifecycle from all different industries and can be utilized whether you have an existing document management system or not. DocuNECT is used to:

  • Map the complete lifecycle of a document.
  • Enhance the capabilities of an existing document management system.
  • Replace a Legacy Document Management system.
  • Migrate documents and data from one system to another.

The DocuNECT Lifecycle Explained

Lifecycle Use Cases

DocuNECT’s powerful and flexible functionality can be used to solve numerous document problem, across multiple industries.

Housing Authority Assembles and Manages Case Files Digitally

Business Challenge

Historically the Housing Authority managed case files manually. The supervisors would process and review case documents on paper and then scan/archive them once the file completed. During COVID, this presented a challenge as files could not be taken off site. This conflicted with the work from home policy put in place to protect the health of the employees. The organization had to quickly come up with a solution to process the case files while maintaining employee safety.

DocuNECT Lifecycle Implemented

  • Documents were Captured either using a scanner/copier (DocuNECT automatically picks the document up from a file-share) or using the DocuNECT Client Tools desktop scanning functionality.
  • DocuNECT then auto assign the documents to the user’s queue based on business data.
  • The DocuNECT Discovery module is used to extract data from the document content and barcodes using business rules.
  • The classification module easily allows the users to organize the documents within each housing case.
  • Once the case is complete the, it is automatically archived in the document management system.

Credit Union Replaces Legacy Document Management System

Business Challenge

The Credit Union was running a legacy document management system that managed all the member documents, including Account/Statement documents, Loan Package, and Reports. There were no real safeguards for data integrity built into the existing system so over time the data became difficult to search. Coupled with the fact that the existing solution had no real support for ingesting digital content from multiple sources led the Credit Union to select and implement a new solution.

DocuNECT Lifecycle Implemented

  • DocuNECT was used to migrate the existing documents, revalidating and updating the member related data.
  • DocuNECT’s functionality allows more validation and data formatting to ensure that the data integrity was maintained moving forward.
  • Using the DocuNECT Client Tools the company was able to cost effectively move away from a centralized scanning model to a distributed model.
  • DocuNECT ingests documents from several different digital sources including DocuSign, MeridianLink, Reports, Statements and others.
  • The DocuNECT Discovery module is used to automatically extract data to reduce data entry and validation.
  • DocuNECT powerful search and document management features allowed users to quickly identify all documents relating to a member.

Migrating Documents from Legacy Document Management Systems

Business Challenge

Implementing a new document management system can quickly spinoff a document migration project that can be time consuming and complex as legacy document management systems can accumulate large quantities of documents over the years. DocuNECT provides a powerful migration solution to migrate large quantities of documents between different systems.

DocuNECT Migration Functionality

  • DocuNECT can natively connect to different legacy document management systems.
  • Existing Document Data can be mapped and translated as requirements change.
  • DocuNECT is design to manage high-volume migrations unattended, notifying admins of status.
  • DocuNECT has a reporting and reconciliation process built in to make sure that all documents are accounted for during the migration.

Extend Your Document Capture with DocuSign

DocuSign provides a series of powerful solutions for reviewing and digitally signing documents. You can turn your DocuSign solution into a powerful digital capture solution using DocuNECT’s DocuSign integration. DocuNECT can act as a bridge between the DocuSign repository and the document management repository. Completed envelopes can be downloaded, and documents can be classified and indexed using the DocuSign properties or from information contained in the content of the document itself.

Home Builder Automates Invoice Capture and Data Extraction

Business Challenge

Invoices are received by email or via mail and are imported into a legacy document capture product where the invoice header information is manually entered (Invoice No, Invoice Date, Vendor and Invoice Amount). This is time intensive and with the volume of invoice being over 1,000 a month and increasing then a more elegant solution needed to be implemented.

DocuNECT Lifecycle Implemented

The lifecycle has the following features:

  • Using the DocuNECT Client Tools the company was able to cost effectively move away from a centralized scanning model to a distributed model.
  • DocuNECT monitors a centralized email address where vendor can send in invoices to.
  • The DocuNECT Discovery module is used to automatically extract the invoice header information.
  • DocuNECT then auto assign the documents to the approvers queue based on business data.
  • Once the invoice data has been approved, it is automatically archived in the document management system and the data is sent to the Accounts Payable solution.

The following demo provides more insight into how DocuNECT can manage your invoice process: