Manage the Lifecycle of Your Documents

Portford - DocuNECT Lifecycle

Businesses invest in document and data platforms to make informed decisions to help keep them operating. As the speed of business increases this data needs to be as accurate and accessible as possible. Portford’s DocuNECT is a solution designed to connect business users with information locked in documents. DocuNECT maps the document lifecycle to capture the document, extract the appropriate data, distribute t to third party business applications, manage and retain documents.

Portford - DocuNECT

DocuNECT Overview

DocuNECT Modules


Capture documents from different sources.


Automated classification and data extraction of data from documents.


Deliver documents and data to different platforms and processes.


Search, retrieve and collaborate on documents.


Manage the retention policy and disposition of documents.

DocuNECT Editions

There are two editions of DocuNECT, Capture that works with your existing document management as an on-ramp for documents and Lifecycle that includes the complete document management and retention modules.

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