DocuNECT helps one of the largest home builders in the US move towards electronic document capture at the desktop

Company Profile
The company profiled in this case study is one of the largest home builders in the United States. Like many organizations today, this home builder was faced with the challenge of trying to get away from managing paper which was labor intensive and time consuming. They embarked on a project to see what solutions were available to capture documents electronically from the desktop, index them and then distribute them to both Microsoft SharePoint and EMC’s Documentum D6 document management systems.

After a detailed software evaluation the company selected DocuNECT, developed by Portford Solutions Group, Inc. The I.T. manager said “This just seemed to provide a different set of tools than the other products. We really wanted to move electronic document capture to the desktop.”

A proof of concept confirmed that DocuNECT met all their desktop capture requirements and worked well with both Documentum and SharePoint. Although the initial need was to implement the Virtual Print Driver, the company’s technical team was impressed with the capabilities offered and quickly began brainstorming other document challenges the platform could be applied to.

The Solution
The company first implemented DocuNECT’s Virtual Print Driver to digitize desktop document capture, which immediately reduced the amount of paper the company was moving between departments. Rather than printing the documents to paper, and then scanning them into Documentum, the documents were printed directly into Documentum using the Virtual Printer Driver. This made the documents quickly available to other users who needed access to them to make business decisions.

The Benefits
The Virtual Print Driver solution had two main benefits:
1) Quickly reduced the amount of paper being managed by the business
2) The documents were available more quickly in the Documentum system for other users to access