What Are You Looking To Do…

DocuNECT - Loan Document Processing

Process Loan Documents

Solutions to Manage Your Loan Documents

  • Manage Your Single Authoritative Documents (SAC) Using a UCC-9105 Compliant Vault.
  • Verify Your Loans Using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Loan Verification Solution.
  • Create a Secure Long-Term Archive for Your Loan Documents.
  • Integrate Powerful Document Processing Capabilities Directly into Your Platform.
DocuNECT - Data Extraction

Extract Data from Documents

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Extract Valuable Data Locked in Documents

  • Extract Valuable Data Locked in Documents
  • Use the Discovery Data Extraction Engine that Includes Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Use the DocuNECT Web UI to Verify Information
  • “Learn as You Go” Model to Increase Efficiency
  • Highly Scalable to Manage Large Document Volumes
DocuNECT - Document Migration

Document Migration and Processing

Use DocuNECT as a Powerful Document Migration and Processing Platform

  • Migrate documents from/to leading Document Management Systems.
  • Migrate documents to an archive Open Format (Standard File and Data Formats).
  • Convert document and data formats.
  • Use the DocuNECT Web UI to monitor and review documents/data.
  • Full migration reconciliation reports.
DocuNECT - Intelligent Document Capture

Use Intelligent Document Capture

Power Up Your Existing Document Management System by adding Intelligent Capture

  • Capture documents from a number of digital sources.
  • Use DocuNECT Discovery AI to extract, process and interpret data locked in documents.
  • Use DocuNECT Web Work Center UI (Classification, Indexing and Workflow) to interact with documents and data.
  • Export documents in open document and data formats.
  • DocuNECT integrates with leading Document Management systems.
DocuNECT - Manage Document Lifecycles

Manage the Complete Document Lifecycle

Manage the Complete Document Lifecycle, from Capture to Retention

  • Use DocuNECT Intelligent Document Capture.
  • Store, search and manage documents in a secure repository.
  • Implement and manage retention rules around corporate and regulatory policies.
  • Implement powerful role-based permissions model on document access and functions.

Pre-Built Lifecycle Apps

We have used our document management and processing experience to build a series of pre-configured document solutions around common use cases, called Lifecycle Apps.

Our Philosophy

Our Lifecycle Application philosophy comes down to three elements: deployment speed, flexibility, and ease of use. The apps are designed to be used out of the box and can be extended to meet any specific requirements.

Deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise

Lifecycle Apps can be used together to provide a solution for the whole enterprise and can be deployed on-premise in your environment or in our DocuNECT® On-Demand cloud.

Build Your Own Lifecycle Apps

Don’t see a Lifecycle App that fits your use case? Use our designer to easily create your own app from one of our templates. Alternatively, use our experienced team to build it for you.