DocuNECT is an electronic document capture and migration solution that captures electronic documents from their source, extracts and organizes the necessary business data, and then distributes it to a third party business application to make the information readily available.

Key Functions

  • Desktop Capture Applications: Easily capture documents directly from the desktop, using the Virtual Print Driver, the Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Using Multi-Function Devices: Utilize multi-function or network based scanners to capture documents for indexing using DocuNECT’s web based indexing application
  • Automating Document Import: Automate document imports from third party vendors, web sites, FTP/sFTP sites and more
  • Automating Indexing: DocuNECT can extract and apply business rules against the content of documents to automate the indexing process
  • File Share Migration: Migrate legacy file shares into D6, applying business rules to the folder structure and/or document content to populate the D6 index values