Today organizations face the challenge of receiving electronic documents from different sources that need to be captured, classified and processed.

Keeping pace with ever changing file formats, data types, and business processes can result in a collection of micro solutions which often prove difficult to support. This process of managing information delivered via secure FTP, email, websites, business applications and other sources into your document management system can be time and labor intensive.

DocuNECT provides a single on-ramp for any file-type from multiple sources.

Document Capture at the Desktop

DocuNECT’s Client Tools provides a powerful and intuitive mechanism for capturing documents at the user’s desktop.

  • Print documents directly into DocuNECT from any print-enabled application
  • Upload and index documents directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Drag and drop emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook
  • Easily integrate multi-function devices
  • Utilize existing desktop scanning software

Integrate a Public Upload Portal

  • Use DocuNECT’s Public Upload Portal to integrate an document capture mechanism into your public presence.

Automated Capture

  • Use a central email/fax account as a point of capture
  • Import documents from network drives, secure FTP/FTP sites
  • Import documents from third party services (e.g. DocuSignMeridianLink)
  • Capture and process documents from third-party business applications (reports management)
  • Migrate document from legacy document management systems
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“DocuNECT’s goes beyond traditional capture by allowing documents to be captured from the desktop and from a number of electronic sources. We have easily configured DocuNECT to capture documents from our statement vendor and MeridianLink.”

Vice President of I.T. – Credit Union