Lifecycle Distribution

“We use DocuNECT’s Distribution module to automate and manage loan diligence workflow tasks within our product surveillance group.”

Solutions Manager – Loan Custodial Services

Distribution is the process of sharing or disseminating data capture and verified to individuals, systems, or organizations that need it. DocuNECT’s has a wide variety of document and data distribution methods. These methods of distribution allow DocuNECT to play an important role in the organization’s data ecosystem.

DocuNECT not only extract business data but also gathers supporting data to aid compliance…the location in document data was extracted. The method used to extract the data. Who verified the data extracted. In addition, the data can be linked to the original location in the document creating a complete data chain of custody.

  • Data Insights with Dashboards. DocuNECT’s dashboard functionality can provide powerful insights into the data extracted that can be made available to different groups.
  • Key Performance Indicators for Process Improvement. Valuable information is stored around the lifecycle process itself that allows management to identify areas of process improvement.
  • Distribution to Third-Party Systems. Documents and data can be distributed to third-party systems for continued analysis.
  • Distribution to Open Formats. Documents and data can be distributed to File-Shares, secure-FTPs, or external databases in open formats such as Comma Separated Value (CSV), Microsoft Excel, XML, or JSON.

Access the Data Programmatically

Integrate DocuNECT into your business application using our REST based API and seamlessly access verified data.