DocuNECT® is a document management software solution developed by Portford Solutions Group, Inc. to manage the complete lifecycle of your documents. The solution is focused on the Financial Services industry and is available on-premise or in the cloud.

A Fresh Approach

Document management is not a new concept, and this mature industry has seen many technologies developed, acquired and an integrated together as the industry consolidates. Software providers have typically separated document capture and from the document management repository causing some valuable audit data from being lost between systems. Data that is useful for compliance, such as where did the document originally come from? How did the data get extracted or assigned to the document?

DocuNECT® is one solution, with one UI, and one cohesive set of modules that manages the complete lifecycle to capture all the events and that happened during every action taken on the document. Our focus is to extract actionable data to turn your documents into a powerful reporting source.

DocuNECT…A Brief History

DocuNECT® is a mature, award winning, solution and was first released in 2006 as a product integrated with other document management platforms, such as Documentum and ApplicationXtender. As the product evolved, Portford added several features to be able to manage the full Lifecycle. DocuNECT® offers a cost effective and powerful solution for any compliant document management environment.

In the Cloud or On-Premises

DocuNECT® is available on-premises or in the cloud. In order to provide the best service and security to our customers, DocuNECT® is hosted Microsoft Azure. All data is encrypted in both transit and at rest with multiple firewall and deep security protection. The DocuNECT® On-Demand cloud is SOC2 Type II Certified and the Portford’s quality team will support you through the due-diligence process to make sure you feel comfortable that your data is being well managed.

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