Portford has always maintained that DocuNECT is a solution for capturing electronic documents and therefore we have opted not provide the functionality of actually driving the scanner with our Desktop Capture application. Instead we opted to integrate the Desktop Capture application with software that is already provided by the scanner manufacturers which has significantly improved. This makes DocuNECT’s Desktop Capture an affordable and easily deployable solution for distributed capture, whether you are using a desktop scanner, or a network based scanner or scanner/copier.

Desktop Capture

In order to demonstrate this we have produced two movies that show both the desktop and network scanning scenarios.

DocuNECT is designed to easily integrate with a number of desktop scanning software applications that you can either download from the internet or are provide with your scanner. The following movie shows how DocuNECT’s Desktop Capture works seamlessly with ScanSnap Manager with drives the following scanners from Fujitsu.

Network Scanning

The following movie shows how to use DocuNECT with a network scanner. As long as the network scanner can send the scanned image to a file location, FTP site or send it via email then the following scenario will work.

Visit our page on the ScanSnap web site: http://scansnapcommunity.com/features/7546-using-docunect-and-scansnap/