More and more solution providers are offering cloud-based solutions, but are they offering technology or a solution…and what’s the difference?

Technology Provider vs Solution Provider

Cloud-based offerings can be easy to configure and setup and quickly place the technology in the hands of the business. This is great, but how can you be sure that you are using the solution correctly, utilizing best practices to make sure you are compliant, secure and efficient.

Conceptually a cloud based solution implementation, from a business perspective, has the same challenges as an on premise solution….meeting business requirements, change management, and training to name a few.

Software provides do a great job of providing the technology but are less focused on implementation.

A Complete Solution

At Portford, we started life as a system integrator and became a software company. This gives us the ability to provide a cloud solution to make sure your business gets the support it needs to be successful.

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We not only manage the cloud, the implementation, but also the software to make sure we provide a seamless service:

Benefits of Our Cloud Solutions

  • We Manage the Infrastructure – The infrastructure is completely managed by Portford. This includes server configurations and software updates, backups, security and scalability.
  • Availability Anywhere! – Your environment will be securely accessed via the web, making the solution availability to all employees 24X7, even if they are on the road.
  • Subscription Pricing – No capital expenditure, just pay monthly for what services you use.
  • An Implemented Solution – We don’t just provide you technology but a fully implemented solution using our years of implementation experience.