Understanding Transactional Content Management

The term Transactional Content Management (TCM) has often been associated with legacy imaging systems, which created a perception that the functionality is no longer required, which is far from the truth.

DocuNECT Discovery – A Solution for Automated Data Extraction

Need help extracting data from Accounts Payable processing, loan processing, contracting, regulatory compliance documents? In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the powerful Discovery module in DocuNECT®, an all-in-one, end-to-end solution for managing and processing electronic documents.

DocuNECT eVerification – A Complete Solution for Loan Verification

The WSFS eVerification platform (Powered by DocuNECT) provides a secure, automated platform for eVerification of loan documents. It enables businesses to securely store all types of loan documents and utilizes data extraction technology to quickly verify the accuracy of submitted documents in a fast turnaround.

Pre-Built Lifecycle Apps

We have used our document management and processing experience to build a series of pre-configured document solutions around common use cases, called Lifecycle Apps.

Our Philosophy

Our Lifecycle Application philosophy comes down to three elements: deployment speed, flexibility, and ease of use. The apps are designed to be used out of the box and can be extended to meet any specific requirements.

Deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise

Lifecycle Apps can be used together to provide a solution for the whole enterprise and can be deployed on-premise in your environment or in our DocuNECT® On-Demand cloud.

Build Your Own Lifecycle Apps

Don’t see a Lifecycle App that fits your use case? Use our designer to easily create your own app from one of our templates. Alternatively, use our experienced team to build it for you.


Years Experience


Documents Processed


Data Elements Extracted

Browse Our Lifecycle Apps

FinTech Lifecycle Apps

A Complete Range of Solutions for Managing and Processing Financial Services Documents

  • UCC 9105 Compliance eVault – The platform provides a compliant vault for storing and managing Single Authoritative Copy (SAC) documents
  • AI Driven Loan Verification and Diligence – Automated solution for verifying loans of different asset classes against data sets (data tapes)
  • FinTech Document Management – Inteligent document capture, management and retention to manage all your financial services documents
  • Use DocuNECT-As-A-Service – Integrate DocuNECT’s powerful document processing capavilities right into your own platform using our REST API

Apps to Power Up Your DM

Add Additional Capabilities To Your Existing Document Management System

  • Intelligent Document Capture – Capture documents from different sources and use AI driven data extraction to populate system properties
  • eDestruction – eVault checks for duplicates, document integrity, assignee, and electronic signatures.
  • Vault Transfers – Intuitive dashboard guides the user through the vault transfer approval process and includes tools to ensure that the assets required for the transfer are available and automatically notifies of all parties once the transaction is complete.
  • Copy Requests – Easy to use process to request watermarked copies of assets that are automatically posted to a secure location for download by the customer.
  • Asset Removal – Intuitive dashboard guides the user through the asset removal process.
  • Evidence of Control – All actions related to the Single Authoritative Copy are recorded in an immutable Control System Activity Log.
  • Verification of Data and Documents – The Loan eVerification module can be combined to automate verification of data elements against a data tape using highly sophisticated text extraction tools. Daily automated verifications are easily configured, and certifications can be completed in hours.

Document Lifecycle Management

Manage the Complete the Lifecycle of Your Documents

  • Capture Member Documents from Digital Source such as: Fund Management Documents, Account/Member Receipts, Account/Member Documents, Loan Documents,  MeridianLink Documents, DocuSign Integration, Documents from Statement Processing Vendors, Host Processing Reports.
  • Capture Documents from User’s Desktop via the DocuNECT Client Tools to print, scan, drag and drop documents from the desktop.
  • DocuNECT Discovery’s powerful data extraction technology automates the classification and data extraction/assignment leaving your staff more time to service members.
  • Compliant Document Management and Retention functionality. All documents are stored in a secure vault with extensive audit trails to maintain security and compliance. Employees can easily search and retrieve documents to quickly serve member requests.