Electronic Signatures have revolutionized digital document processes by removing the print/sign/return paradigm, which has created a foundation for companies to kick-start their digital transformation strategies. Electronic Signature providers are not a permanent archive for documents and these official documents need to be archived into your long-term document management solution so they can continue their workflow or form part of the system of record.

This can be a challenge as the data captured during the signature process may not sufficiently map to the index/property information used in the target document management system, which creates an integration gap. Many organizations leave documents in DocuSign, or simply download them to an internal file-share.

Bridge the Gap…

DocuNECT is a solution to extract data from different types and formats of documents and present them to different systems. DocuNECT can directly connect to your DocuSign repository, download the documents, extract the necessary data using business rules and then add them to your document management system.

DocuNECT can also assign index/property data from form fields, Signature Envelope/Package template custom and system fields.

Creating a Document Chain of Custody…

As electronically signed documents are typically the official copy, using DocuNECT to archive these documents helps to create a chain of custody to provide a seamless audit trail from signature to archive. This is important for regulatory and corporate compliance.

DocuNECT Lifecycle or eVault Solution…Which One Do You Need?

DocuNECT integration with different Electronic Signature platforms allows it to be used by companies in multiple industries and use cases. In addition, Portford has partnered with WSFS Bank to provide an eVault (UCC-9105 compliant) solution that can download and store documents from DocuSign Single Authoritative Copy (SAC) repository.

View the WSFS Bank eVault Press Release


“This solution completes our document lifecycle. Borrowers sign documents using DocuSign and then DocuNECT places them in our document management system for long term archive and access.”

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