Using DocuNECT to Capture Email

Email can be a very effective document capture method because it provides a familiar interface for customers and/or vendors to send documents directly into a document management process. DocuNECT provides three key benefits/features that can help automate this process:

1. Manage / Filter your E Mails – DocuNECT can filter documents based on business rules so you can make sure that only documents you are expecting make it to your document management system.
2. Combine Attachments / PDF Rendering – DocuNECT can render multiple email attachments in different formats to one PDF format. The email body can either be placed at the front or the back of the PDF document. This allows the email and associated attachments to delivered to the document management system as one document.
3. Extract Data – DocuNECT’s data extraction engine can be use to extract information from the email body or any of the attachments for auto-indexing of the documents.