Top 5 DocuNECT Business Use Cases for Documentum

DocuNECT is a powerful document processing and integration platform that can be used in a number of different ways to add value to your EMC Documentum D6/D7 system. We have picked 5 business use cases from our customer base to demonstrate the flexibility and capabilities of DocuNECT.

1. Accounts Payable System Integration and Email Capture
Business: Fund Management Company
Functionality Used: Email Capture and Business Application Integration

A fund management company utilizes Documentum to manage the electronic capture, review and approval of invoices on both the fund management and corporate areas of the business.

They use DocuNECT’s email capture functionality to allow users and vendors to email invoices directly into the accounts payable Documentum workflow solution. In addition, DocuNECT is used as a platform for retrieving and uploading data to the Unit4 CODA accounts payable solution.

2. Automated Imports and Desktop Capture
Business: One of the Largest Home Builders in the US
Functionality Used: DocuNECT Import Module and Clients Tools

The company profiled in this case study is one of the largest home builders in the United States. Like many organizations today, this home builder was faced with the challenge of trying to get away from managing paper which was labor intensive and time consuming. They embarked on a project to see what solutions were available to capture documents electronically from the desktop, index them and then distribute them to both Microsoft SharePoint and EMC’s Documentum document management systems.

The company first implemented DocuNECT’s Virtual Print Driver to digitize desktop document capture, which immediately reduced the amount of paper the company was moving between departments. Rather than printing the documents to paper, and then scanning them into Documentum, the documents were printed directly into Documentum using the Virtual Printer Driver. This made the documents quickly available to other users who needed access to them to make business decisions.

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3. Multi-Function Device Integration
Business: Medical Device Company
Functionality Used: Multi-Function Device Integration

The medical device company were looking for a cost effective way to implement a distributed scanning solution for Documentum, utilizing their multi-function scanning devices. DocuNECT was implemented to allow any user within the organization to scan documents using a multi-function device and then use DocuNECT’s web-based indexing interface to index the document before they are distributed to Documentum.

4. Capturing Documents from the Desktop
Business: Mortgage Company
Functionality Used: Virtual Print Driver

The customer service representatives within the mortgage company needed to quickly add documents to the loan documents stored in Documentum from business applications and desktop applications.

Their business application generates reports/documents that cannot be exported, but need to be archived in Documentum. The DocuNECT Virtual Print Driver is used to print these documents directly into Documentum from the business application.

5. “Bulk-Import” into Documentum
Business: Pharmaceutical Company
Functionality Used: Bulk Import

The pharmaceutical company uses a number of outsourced service providers, such as Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs). Documents are regularly provided that need to be migrated into the Documentum central repository.

DocuNECT is used to facilitate the bulk-import of documents, providing an import audit trail to insure that all documents are accounted for and compliance is maintained.

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