DocuNECT provides a powerful application for exporting documents from OpenText’s ApplicationXtender (AX)  product.


  • Exports documents in their native format, such as Image Files, Foreign Files and COLD.
  • AX stores images in a single-page architecture for performance. DocuNECT can either export the images as single pages, or “glue” them together as one image file
  • Documents can be exported to a folder structure, named by application index values
  • Exports document index values in multiple formats, including XML, JSON, Comma Separated Value (CSV), Microsoft Excel and Databases
  • Annotations can be exported to a text file for the notes, and an XML file that can store all the positional information. Alternatively, annotations can be “burned” into documents on export
  • Server based products that can export large volumes of documents unattended
  • Monitoring dashboard to keep track of the latest status
  • Reconciliation reporting to make sure all documents have been exported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Versions of AX is DocuNECT Compatible With?

DocuNECT can export documents from AX v5.4 to v20.4

What If The Export Impacts Production?

Exporting can place a load on production which can be monitored closely. If the export is impacting production, then an additional server can be added or DocuNECT can be schedule to automatically run out of hours.

How Do I Know Every Document Made It?

DocuNECT has built in reporting to link the AX document IDs to the export location. This report can be exporting to either a PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

What If The Process Stops?

For large volume exports, the process can stop due to machine reboots, patch application etc. When restarted, DocuNECT will carry on where it left off.

What If There Are Missing Files?

AX systems can span many years and there are situations where document files may be missing or corrupted. DocuNECT will report these files so they can either be re-scanned/uploaded or a placeholder page can be added.

What If My AppXtender System is Part of an OEM (Symitar, Ellucian)?

DocuNECT can still be used as we successfully completed export projects from AppXtender systems that were historically provided with Symitar or Ellucian.

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