Portford partners with S-DOCS to download completed envelopes into its DocuNECT™ document management platform, providing a seamless archive for signed documents into the eVault platform. S-Docs is a leader in Salesforce document generation and e-signature and is used by thousands of global subscribers from all industries with a multitude of use cases.

As loans are being signed and completed in S-Docs, the Single Authoritative Copy (SAC) documents can now be seamlessly transferred to UCC 9-105 DocuNECT eVault solution

“We welcome S-Docs to the DocuNECT partner community, as we continue to build out the document ‘pipelines’ to our eVault solution.” said Bruce Bolton, CTO at Portford.

The integration provides the following functionality:

  • Download completed S-Docs Envelopes
  • Store Each Document as a separate Document Type
  • Archive the S-Docs Certificate of Completion
  • Map S-Docs System and Custom Fields to DocuNECT Indexes (for enhanced searching)
  • Transfer Single Authoritative Copy (SAC) documents into the DocuNECT eVault