DocuNECT v5.0 is here!

DocuNECT v5.0 brings a number of exciting enhancements to allow you to produce document focused business applications.

A New Look and Feel

The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to user and has also be optimized for use with tablets. Color themes can be changed with the ability to create your own themes to integrate the app into your corporate look and feel.

HTML 5 Viewer

Previous versions of DocuNECT used a Java plug-in to view image based documents. DocuNECT v5.0 has an HTML5 viewer (no plug-ins) so documents can be viewed on any browser (including Microsoft Edge), any platform.

Data Tables

Data tables have been enhanced to allow HTML to be placed into the data forms to provide a more intuitive interface. In addition, audit trails have been placed on data values changes and table modification for compliance.

Introducing the DocuNECT Discovery Module

The Discovery adds automated document classification and data extraction from documents to the DocuNECT stack. This new set of functionality will significantly reduce the amount of time that users have to interreact with documents. Check out the product features.

Security and Compliance

Individual cabinet indexes can be encrypted and masked to comply with regulations around Personally identifiable information (PII). Audit trails have been placed on Data tables, Users and Roles to increase the traceability of the system usage and data.

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