DocuNECT v4.7 Now Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of DocuNECT v4.7. The following table provide some of the highlights of v4.7, but for a complete list of features in the release please refer to the release notes on our software site. To access the help, visit the DocuNECT Wiki.

Feature Description
Performance Enhancements This release provides numerous performance enhancements to manage document and user volumes. This release also increases the throughput of document import.
Security Enhancements 1. Increased encryption levels for added security.
2. Strong passwords can now be enforced for DocuNECT security.
3. Invalid user login attempts are logged.
4. Stores/displays the last time a user logged into DocuNECT.
5. Users can be prompted to change their password when logging in for the first time.
6. Improved Single Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory users.
7. Password resets can now be disabled.
Compatibility/Administration Enhancement 1. Multiple internet browsers are now supported.
2. Support for Microsoft Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 environments.
3. Client tools now supports Microsoft Windows 8.
4. DocuNECT now supports a 64 bit server environment.
5. DocuNECT Client tools can now be installed and configured via command-line to allow it to be easily rolled out to desktops.
User Interface Enhancements 1. A “quick start” configuration option has been added to the web to guide you through the configuration process after install.
2. Page rotation now built into the viewer.
3. Action button now replaces the “right-hand” mouse click menu allow the options to be used on tablets.
4. Index values in cabinets now have selectable format masks, support decimal places.
5. Sticky fields can be either Applied to Next Document, or the Whole Batch.
6. Index values can be read-only and/or hidden.
7. Lifecycle definitions allow document ownership to be defined, as well as a document version number.
8. A automatic timestamp index value option has been added.
9. Documents now support a document owner.
10. The batch report can now be customized and is available in the web and the client tools.

If you want more information on the new version or want access to the download site, then please contact our support.