Easy to use and attractively priced, DocuNECT is the perfect choice to achieve great results on a tight budget.

Electronic document capture and management solutions can help Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies centrally control their documentation creating scalable and cost effective operations:

System Implementation

Portford Solutions has been helping Financial Institutions with document management for over 12 years. During that time we have created the i2i Methodology that ensures that every one of our implementations is on time and on budget.

Teller Solutions

Streamline the process for capturing Teller Receipts and use DocuNECT to print the receipts directly as a PDF right into your existing document management system (DMS). If you don’t have a DMS, then DocuNECT has a full range of modules for all your needs.

Electronic Forms

Many Banking applications have PDF and Electronic forms that are auto-generated or as part of the end user portal. DocuNECT can gather these documents, extract data and release them to the DMS.

Banking System Integration

As part of the implementation, there may be a need to release data to the Banking System. Portford has worked with many systems and is expert at building these interfaces.

Legacy Data Migration

When such an important system is implemented, there is generally data to be migrated from an existing system. Portford is expert in making sure that this data is migrated successfully, and provides full system certification documentation.

Managed Services

As well as helping with technology, Portford can help scan and index archived documents and has a range of Managed Services that can be used.

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