The management of high value digital documents or system records consisting of chattel paper can be daunting especially if those records will be used in the secondary markets. Portford has partnered with WSFS Institutional Services to develop a complete and cost-effective eVault solution for these types of digital transactions and is compliant with the requirements described in Part 6 of Article 9 of the Delaware UCC.

Loan eVault Features

  • Integration with eSigature Platforms – The platform allows seamless integration with eSig platforms and is currently integrated with DocuSign and S-DOCS.
  • Single Authoritative Copy Processing (SAC) – eVault checks for duplicates, document integrity, assignee, and electronic signatures.
  • Unique Control Number Allocation – Each document is provided a unique control number that is associated with the asset package.
  • Vault Transfers – Intuitive dashboard guides the user through the vault transfer approval process and includes tools to ensure that the assets required for the transfer are available and automatically notifies of all parties once the transaction is complete.
  • Copy Requests – Easy to use process to request watermarked copies of assets that are automatically posted to a secure location for download by the customer.
  • Asset Removal – Intuitive dashboard guides the user through the asset removal process.
  • Evidence of Control – All actions related to the Single Authoritative Copy are recorded in an immutable Control System Activity Log.
  • Document Searching and Retention Rules – Highly advanced searching tools including attribute, full text, and advanced searching within or over all the vaults you own. Document retention rules can be configured based on customer policies.
  • Role Based Security – Highly flexible role-based security to ensure that the Single Authoritative Copy is secure at all times.
  • Verification of Data and Documents – The Loan eVerification module can be combined to automate verification of data elements against a data tape using highly sophisticated text extraction tools. Daily automated verifications are easily configured, and certifications can be completed in hours.


  • ScalabilityStreamlined and automated processes ready to support your growth.
  • SecurityThe platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure which provides unrivalled security and growth capacity.
  • Compliance – SOC 2 Type 2 certified and the solution underwent a complete legal review by industry experts.
  • Transparency – World class communication and searching tools mean that you are provide the latest and most accurate information on transactions.
  • Performance – Hosted on scalable architecture, the eVault can respond to meet the needs of your business.
  • Functionality – Powered by DocuNECT’s powerful architecture, making sure you will have all the functionality you need.

Need More Information?

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    Capture documents from a number of different sources.


    Use business rules to classify documents and extract data.


    Consume the verified documents and extracted data.


    Secure repository for managing documents.


    Manage the document retention and disposition process.