DocuNECT v4.2 Released

Portford Solutions announces the release of DocuNECT v4.2 which provide a platform for electronic document capture and data extraction.

The new version brings with a number of new enhancements, including:

1) Updated Web Gui, included custom HTML pages to provide a more intuitive experience for the user.
2) Update Capture Lifecycle that include advanced capture rules for images and electronic documents.
3) Distributed indexing model. Now users can index documents directly from a link in a email which is ideal for multi-function devices.
4) Updated barcode recognition libraries.

To find out more about the new release then contact our sales department on

DocuNECT for Credit Unions

Credit Unions were among the earliest adopters of Portford’s DocuNECT software (formerly called Content Migration Server) due to the fact that they have complex requirements like major banks but are much more cost conscious. Like major banks, Credit Unions offer their members a wide range of products and services. Unlike major banks, however, Credit Unions are not for profit so the need to automate the capture and distribution of member documentation in the most cost effective way possible has made DocuNECT a perfect fit.

Based on the requirements of several AX Credit Union customers Portford developed strong integration capabilities with IMM, a company that produces a number of solutions for the banking industry (electronic forms, check 21, cash receipt solutions, etc). DocuNECT integrates with IMM software to provides seamless capture into ApplicationXtender.

DocuNECT can also help Credit Unions produce reports and member statements and archive them directly into ApplicationXtender. Some Credit Unions outsource the management of reports and statements. DocuNECT provides an flexible capture platform to capture these documents as PDFs which accurately represent the documents physically received by members. Other features such as the Virtual Print Driver and the AX recycle bin have been developed and refined based on the requirements of Credit Unions. It is fair to say that many of the features and capabilities in the DocuNECT capture platform for AX are direct results from working with our Credit Union partners.