Business processes often require documents to be submitted from external sources, such as customers or business partners. The input has been typically managed by a secure FTP solution, or another file sharing solution. If you are using DocuNECT you can now add on the Upload Portal that is designed for public access and feeds directly into the DocuNECT lifecycle.


  1. Account Management. Public User Registration Process with Auto-Approval if data matches with internal records. If not matched then the request is routed on via a DocuNECT workflow to a team to approve/reject.
  2. Responsive Web Design. The Upload Portal is powered by a responsive web architecture that works intuitively on different platforms (Desktops, Tablets and Phones).
  3. Blends into Corporate Style Guidelines. Flexible style sheets allow the site to be easily blended into your corporate style guidelines.
  4. Document Upload Reconciliation. All user activity is audited and the user receives a receipt for every upload making easy to track specific uploads and reconcile documents received.

“This solution allows our customers to more easily and intuitively submit documents to our internal business process, rather than using the secure FTP. DocuNECT’s Upload Portal feeds right into the audit trail so we can keep track of every document.”

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