The need to gather and analyze information is ever increasing, and the reliance on analytics to help guide business strategy and decision-making places pressure on the veracity of information. There is still a large amount of unstructured data locked in documents. The DocuNECT Discovery is a cloud-based environment that lets discover information locked in your documents to enhance your business processes.

The Process

  • Secure File Upload – Documents can be uploaded from the desktop, from a third-party service (e.g. DocuSign), our secure bulk upload tools, or via our API. Our system is constantly monitoring for files that have been uploaded.
  • Document Classification – The system can automatically identify document types and uses this information to determine the most efficient data extraction method.
  • Data Extraction – The solution utilizes the DocuNECT® Discovery technology to automatically extract data from documents. The data extracted can be linked to the location in the document it was discovered.
  • Data Verification – Business rules are defined to automatically validate and verify the data and present information to our services team, or your users, if decisions need to be made.
  • Document/Data Distribution – The data can be downloaded/distributed in several different formats or integrate directly to DocuNECT platform via our API to access the information.
  • Keep Track – Monitor the extraction process as it happens with our dashboards and email notifications.
DocuNECT Discovery Dashboard

    Capture documents from a number of different sources.


    Use business rules to classify documents and extract data.


    Consume the verified documents and extracted data.


  • Exception Management – If any exceptions are found a workflow task is created and they are reviewed by a specialist.
  • Fast Turnaround – Significant focus on an efficient process and the separation of the verification and certification allows for a very fast turnaround once certification is needed.
  • Process Transparency – Customers can log in at any time and monitor the process via the Discovery dashboard. Customers can optionally receive notifications of progress.
  • Data Drill Down – Customers can drill down and analyze the results down to the loan level, and are able to review audit trails, extracted data and documents.